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August 20, 2000

O.P.P. Motorcycle Precision Team

The O.P.P. Golden Helmets Motorcycle Precision Team

perform their precision maneuvers

in the Lower Plaza on Sunday, August 20, 2000

The half-hour show was spectacular with the 20 member team    
comprised of 16 riders, the Ride Master, a commissioned rider, a  
commentator and a motorcycle technician from O.P.P. Transport  
and Supply Branch.  They are all volunteers.                                       

This team tours the province giving exhibitions at fairs, festivals  
and parades.  The team is made up of officers on regular traffic     
patrol duties from southern Ontario detachment.  They ride           
Harley-Davidson Police Special motorcyles (1300 cc.) and these  
are the same bikes they use on normal patrol.                                   

The team put their bikes through a number of precision patterns: 
crisscrossing, clover leaf and several circular patterns that really
displayed the teams skill, balance, precision and teamwork.          
They dazzled the crowd with their skill and maneuvrability, and   
the flashing lights added to the excitement of the show.                

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