St. Joseph's General Hospital - Elliot Lake  

St. Joseph's General Hospital
70 Spine Road, Elliot Lake
Ontario   P5A 1X2

St. Joseph's General Hospital is located overlooking the shores of Elliot
Lake, and has a proud tradition of meeting the needs of the people of
Elliot Lake and the North Shore.

St. Joseph's General Hospital is a 58 bed accredited facility with medical,
surgical, obstetrical, pediatric, chronic care facilities and a 24 hour
emergency department.

Monday to Friday, an ambulatory care unit runs and consists of day
surgery, specialists clinics, diabetes education, chemotherapy, cardiac
rehabilitation and out-reach programs.

24 hour emergency coverage is provided by medical staff and includes
15 general practitioners and two general surgeons.  A helicopter provides
emergency transfers to other centres.

Other services in place include a laboratory, x-rays, ultrasound, radiology,
physiotherapy, speech pathology, social services, chiropody, occupational
therapy, clinical dietitian counseling and 24 hour pastoral and palliative care.

Specialists come in from out-of-town to provide clinics on a monthly, or
"as needed" basis.  This reduces the need for travel to larger urban centres.
These services include: internal medicine, gastroenterology, gynecology,
cardiology, opthamology, urology, nephrology, dermatologist, cardiovascular
surgery, psychiatry, pediatrics and otolaryngology (ear, nose and throat)
St, Joseph's Hospital is committed to maintaining services reflecting the
needs of the people of the community.