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           June 29, 2003            

Yolanda & Bob's Excellent Adventure!

Yolanda & Bob's Excellent Adventure!

I don't usually post personal pictures on this site but my husband
Bob and I have just come back from 2 weeks vacation and
we completed the most awesome road trip, so this will be the exception!

We rode our motorcycles to Nova Scotia.  What a way to see the country!
We had an awesome trip.  The weather was great and it was a trip I
will never forget!  Especially getting across Montreal!

We took Highway 132 from Trois Riviere and rode all along the
St. Lawrence Seaway and it was spectacular.  Once in New Brunswick,
we took the Confederation Bridge over to P.E.I.   Being on bikes,
we could see the Atlantic Ocean over the baricades.

Had a wonderful time in Nova Scotia.  Met lots of other bikers.
However, it was the journey itself, not the destination that
was important, and it was a ride I will never forget!

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