Natural Beauty of Elliot Lake

                        Surrounded by Nature's Beauty

Nestled among the hills of the Precambrian Shield, the
Elliot Lake and the North Shore area welcome you
with it's natural, unparalleled beauty.  With over 4,000
crystal-clear lakes and rivers, unspoiled stands of forests,
sandy beaches, stunning landscapes and beautiful
sunsets, this area truly is a "Jewel in the Wilderness".

The environment is clean and unspoiled with fresh air and
good-quality water.  The forests are mix of deciduous and
coniferous trees and include pine, birch, hemlock, maple,
spruce, cedar and fir.

Wildlife species of the region include white-tailed deer,
black bear, ruffled grouse, moose, and numerous species
of water foul.

Throughout the North Channel, sightings of moose, deer,
and black bear are common, with smaller animals, such as
mink, fox, otter, weasel, beaver, raccoon and porcupine
making regular shoreline appearances. Land and water
birds are everywhere.

One of the best ways to take advantage of the spectacular
surroundings of the area is through a walk on one of the
many hiking trails.  And in the fall when the trees change
colour it is truly Golden Spendour!

I hope you enjoy some of the places that I have found in
my exploring.  Please keep in mind that pictures cannot
do this area justice - you really must see it to believe it!

Yolanda Fenerty
             (Click on any pictures to get a larger version)


(Esten Lake is located within city limits)

Esten Lake    Esten Lake

Esten Lake


Esten Lake

Esten Lake   Esten Lake

Esten Lake


Esten Lake


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