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The students of Elliot Lake Secondary School have been working     
on a web page for their school as part of their curriculum, during
the 1997 school year.   Below are different pages, designed by some
of the students.   Please keep in mind that these pages are still under 
mind that these pages are still under construction.                                



Visit the 4 ELSS pages designed by students



Page 1 - Imraan Bashir & Associates   Page designed by Imraan Bashir & Associates
Page 2 - Andre Janveaux
    Page designed by Andre Janveaux                 
Page 3 - Melissa Sanchez
   Page designed by Melissa Sanchez                   
Page 4 - Marcel Papineau
    Page designed by Marcel Papineau                 


               Page 5          

During the 1998 school year, another group of students from      
E.L.S.S. completed another section of the ELSS website, consisting
of several pages that are all tied together.  The names of the        
students who designed these pages are listed on the actual pages,
as there were many students involved.


E-mail elss@adss.on.ca                  Alumni Directory

ELSS Homecoming Reunion


Note:  The E.L.S.S. reunion was held in the summer of '98 and 
was a great success.  Click on links above to see reunion photos 
and to access the E.L.S.S.alumni directory. 



Lane Adams, an alumni of Elliot Lake Secondary School has graciously agreed to
provide another service and host the personal webpages of other E.L.S.S. alumni  
on his website.  This will be linked from the Reunion page and the Alumni Directory
Page also.   Click below to access those pages.  And many thanks to Lane Adams!.
              ELSS Logo          Alumni header

                                            (Above graphics by Lane J. Adams)

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